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This is the diary of a very nerdy girl. She is an English major hoping to become a writer, a fan of Sailor Moon and Harvest Moon who philosophizes a lot. Kino no Tabi and the novels of Vladimir Nabokov are her joy. These things and whatever else may catch her nerdy, eclectic interest shall be the subject of this blog. She sometimes likes to speak in third person.

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I’m… not sure what just happened. But Skoochy had a nice arm throw at 1:44.

I used to have a little apartment in Gangnam, Seoul, back when we made the Avatar pilot in 2003. But I guess the style there has changed since then.

My favorite part has to be the Skoochy pickpocket scene.


ikki and jinora to your rescue!  i am too stressed out lately so happy sketches make me…happy.  i don’t want to see sad-faced korra orz

why are there so many ideas in my head when i don’t even have the luxury to draw right now…



In which Ikki is flawless. 


Jinora, Ikki & Meelo


LIGHT ON YOUR FEET by ~xcgirl08

OMS, this is the cutest thing ever.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you an air babies spam.